Working at Appleseed

My name is Robbie McEwen, and I have been a law clerk at Nebraska Appleseed for the last nine months. I have had the opportunity to work with every attorney in the office, and to work on many different issues. I can tell you honestly that every assignment that I have worked on has involved an interesting area of the law. However, this is not what I like most about working at Appleseed.

I have gained a great deal of practical knowledge in my time at Appleseed. I have become a better writer, I have become better at analyzing legal issues, and I have been challenged every day that I come into work.  However, this is not what I like most about my time at Appleseed.

My experience at Appleseed has been quite diverse. A typical week can look like this: Monday you can be researching child welfare, on Tuesday you could be drafting a memo on Medicaid, on Wednesday you could be drafting legislative testimony, on Thursday you could be talking about the rights of meat packers, and on Friday you could be attending a rally on healthcare or immigration reform. However, Appleseed’s ability to make sure that I am constantly engaged, and never bored, is not what I like best about the office.

What I like most about Appleseed are the people that work here. The attorneys, staff, interns, and law clerks are helpful, responsive, collegial, and are genuinely kind people. For example, last fall I had some issues with my health and had to be hospitalized for a couple of days. When I was in the hospital several of the attorneys at Appleseed came to see me, and everyone in the office was so supportive. Whenever I am confused about an issue, or screw something up, the attorneys and staff do not talk down to me, they help me learn constructively. Over the summer, the law clerks were able to have fun and learn from each other. There was no “cut-throat” competition amongst the law clerks; in fact being able to bounce ideas off of the other law clerks helped me produce a much better product for Appleseed than I would have been able to come up with by myself.

Every day that I wake up to come into the office I feel great because I get to be with some of the most interesting, and kind people that I know. I am certain that I would not trade the last nine months that I have been at Appleseed for anything.

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