Take Action – Senate tax bill threatens health care and economic opportunity

Congress is risking Nebraskans’ health coverage as part of its tax plan, and we’re asking you to make a call today to keep it from happening.  

Please call both of our U.S. Senators. Tell them the Senate tax bill must not repeal the ACA’s individual mandate or result in cuts to Medicare.

These changes would cause many Nebraskans to lose coverage and drive up health care costs for many more, in order to pay for a tax cut that mostly benefits the wealthiest Americans and large corporations. We shouldn’t be punishing hard-working Nebraskans trying to get ahead.

Sen. Deb Fischer (202) 224-6551       Sen. Ben Sasse (202) 224-4224

The details emerging about the Senate’s tax plan are troubling. The Senate plan reportedly will increase the deficit so much it will trigger enormous cuts to Medicare, which helps older Nebraskans get the health care they need.

And a new recent proposal to repeal the ACA’s individual mandate would “wreak havoc” on the health care system and cause insurance costs to rise.

Tell our Senators this tax plan is built on bad ideas. These proposals would explode our federal deficit, opening the door to even more cuts to important programs that help hard-working Nebraska families get ahead and fight poverty.

Investing in health care, education, Social Security, and food assistance are proven to boost the economy and provide opportunity for children and hard-working families. Sacrificing that opportunity for a tax plan like the one that failed in Kansas doesn’t grow our economy, and it doesn’t live up to Nebraska’s values.

Take Action

Call our Senators today. Tell them not to support any tax plan that cuts health care and drives up health insurance costs.

Your voices have been heard before. Let’s raise them again to protect quality health care and economic opportunity in Nebraska!

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