Appleseed welcomes new organizer Felipe Blanco

Felipe Blanco joins Appleseed as a community organizer in our Economic Justice and Health Care programs.

In July, Appleseed was pleased to welcome our newest field organizer, Felipe Blanco. Felipe comes to Appleseed with a wealth of experience in public policy and will work in our Health Care and Economic Justice programs, connecting with people in communities all across the state on ways they can create positive change for themselves and their neighbors.

“I am excited to join Appleseed because I believe in compassion and justice, and the organization’s work is guided by those values,” he says. “Appleseed fights to empower some of the most disadvantaged members of our community, and I am looking forward to fighting with them to have a more just world for everyone.”

Felipe and his wife Vanessa moved to Lincoln in the past year from Mexico City, Felipe’s hometown. In Mexico City, Felipe worked as a consultant on public policy and organizational issues. With a team of researchers, he studied how a variety of public programs, such as education and federal corrections, impacted different communities in Mexico.

Felipe was trained as an economist and has a master’s degree in Public Policy and Public Administration. He attended graduate school at the University of Texas in Austin.

“I am most passionate about poverty and more precisely about the different ways to overcome it,” Felipe said. “I understand that poverty is a complex-multifactorial issue, but I also know that there are ways to overcome it. I firmly believe that those ways should be available for everyone to take them.”

When not working to meet new community members, you may find Felipe looking for a friendly soccer game or checking out Lincoln’s growing craft beer scene.

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