Take Action: DREAMers under threat

Yesterday, Nebraska’s Attorney General, Doug Peterson, joined nine other state Attorneys General in a letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The letter threatened to file a lawsuit to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program if the Trump Administration does not end the program within the next several months.

The DACA program allows young immigrant Nebraskans known as “DREAMers” to remain in Nebraska with their families, go to work and school, and contribute to our economy. Now is a critical moment to stand with DREAMers.

Please call Nebraska’s Attorney General today. Express your strong support for DREAMers and their families:

Nebraska Attorney General – Doug Peterson (402) 471-2683

Tell them:

  • Removing opportunity for hardworking young people only does harm to our state.
  • The letter does not reflect our state’s values nor its widespread support for Nebraska’s vibrant immigrant youth who have deep family, social, and economic ties to our state.
  • Nebraskans support DREAMers and their families.

Thank you for standing with Nebraska’s DREAMers.

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