RELEASE: CBO confirms BCRA devastating for thousands of Nebraskans

***For Immediate Release***

June 26, 2017


Contact, Molly McCleery
Nebraska Appleseed Deputy Health Care Director
Office: (402) 438-8853


CBO score confirms Senate health care bill devastating for Nebraska

BCRA would cause millions of Americans to lose coverage


LINCOLN — Monday, Nebraska Appleseed Health Care Director James Goddard issued the following statement on the Congressional Budget Office scoring of the Better Care Reconciliation Act, released today:

“The nonpartisan CBO score confirms that the Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation Act actually does the opposite of providing better care for Nebraskans. It would have devastating effects by resulting in 22 million Americans losing coverage and cutting over a quarter of Medicaid’s budget,” Goddard said. “Instead of working to make improvements to the Affordable Care Act, the Senate draft would result in higher deductibles, increased costs for necessary care, and fewer protections for people with preexisting conditions. It would also jeopardize care for the more than 230,000 Nebraskans served by Medicaid, including children, seniors, and people with disabilities.”

“As a country, we must prioritize the health of our people. The Senate must protect Medicaid, which provides life-saving coverage for the most vulnerable and comprises a large part of our state budget. We call on our Senators to ensure that every Nebraskan has access to the care they need, not strip coverage away.”

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