Clerkship: Rewarding on Many Levels

Joe WielandFor a number of reasons, my clerkship at Appleseed has been a wonderful experience. First, the work environment is great. Appleseed has a teamwork-oriented atmosphere where a law clerk’s work and input is encouraged, trusted, and valued. Feedback on assignments from staff is always constructive and forward-looking.

Second, because of the latitude of responsibility given to the clerks, my research skills have significantly improved. I was assigned a wide variety of issues to research this summer, forcing me to explore Westlaw, Lexis, and other resources more in depth than I had before. As a result, I became more efficient with my searches and more knowledgeable of legal resources.

Third, working at Appleseed has given me the opportunity to work on social issues that are currently on the forefront of the American conscious right now. With the relatively recent passage of immigration and health care laws, Appleseed has been diligently advocating for those who potentially could be affected the most by the legislation.

Fourth, the Nebraska Appleseed volleyball team is second to none. Well, at least in terms of effort and fun had.

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