Clerkship: An Opportunity to Learn and Serve Others

Molly McCleeryI could not have asked for a better summer clerkship experience. I feel extremely fortunate to have had a clerkship where I could both sharpen the skills I learned during the first year of law school and serve the needs of others. This summer, I worked in Appleseed’s Low Income Economic Opportunity Program. Through the research I was able to complete, as well as through legal and policy discussions with other clerks and attorneys, my understanding of these programs and the needs of Nebraskans grew greatly. Ultimately, it is somewhat difficult to reflect on my experience at Nebraska Appleseed, as it feels as if the summer flew by. While I was able to delve into research and discussions surrounding a number of issues, this experience left me wanting to do even more.

For some time now, I have hoped to eventually have a career in which I could work for the needs of others and work on issues I feel passionate about. I am of the firm belief that our society is a community, one that thrives when there is social justice for all, when collaboration and dialogue among members is fostered, and when the needs of all within the community are met. My experience at Appleseed, in addition to being an invaluable educational experience, solidified this belief and my desire to work in public interest law, an area both personally rewarding and beneficial to others.

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