RELEASE: NE health care leaders tell Congress no ‘Repeal and Delay’

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January 18, 2017


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Nebraska leaders urge Senators not to dismantle health insurance system

Over 30 health care, business, community leaders warn that hundreds of thousands of Nebraskans could lose health care protections if ACA is repealed without replacement


LINCOLN — Recognizing the life-saving impact of Nebraskans being able to get quality and affordable health insurance, more than 30 health care, business, religious, and community leaders from Nebraska released a letter to Nebraska’s members of Congress on Wednesday urging them not to vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act without an immediate replacement plan in place.

“As members of the business community, health care professionals, religious leaders, and non-profit organizations, we call on Nebraska’s members of Congress to protect and build on the coverage gains made under the Affordable Care Act, not go backwards,” the letter begins.

Read a copy of the full letter and signatories

The letter was released publicly at a Wednesday press conference held at Health 360 Integrated Care Clinic in Lincoln. It was signed by groups including the Nebraska Hospital Association, Nebraska Medical Association, CenterPointe, Disability Rights Nebraska, Friends of Public Health, Omaha Together One Community (OTOC) and the Health Center Association of Nebraska.

Jessyca Vandercoy of Omaha is one of the hundreds of thousands of Nebraskans whose family would be affected by disruptions in health coverage if the ACA is repealed without a replacement that maintains the affordability and quality of health insurance. Vandercoy is mother to a son who has Type 1 Diabetes, which would cost her family nearly $50,000 per year to treat if they did not have health insurance.

Wednesday, she spoke about the potential harm that could be done to her family if Nebraska’s members of Congress support the so-called “Repeal and Delay.”

“I’m asking ethically, morally, and really, nearly begging and pleading in ‘mama bear-style’ that I need to be able to have a way to keep my son alive,” Vandercoy said. “The Affordable Care Act has allowed me to have independence and allowed me to be able to provide for and protect my children.”

Mary Spurgeon, representing Omaha Together One Community, an organization that signed the letter, said all of Nebraska’s religious faiths consider access to good health care “a moral imperative.”

“To repeal the Affordable Care Act without an as-good-or-better plan immediately replacing it would be an immoral act against both individual well being and the common good of this nation,” Spurgeon said.

Brad Meurrens of Disabilities Rights Nebraska added the coverage protections of the ACA are especially important to Nebraskans with disabilities, who are less likely to find affordable insurance coverage through an employer.

“Congress’ ‘let them eat cake’ attitude and approach to the Affordable Care Act and health care for people in general will not place people with disabilities in a better position relative to their neighbors and other constituents without disabilities,” Meurrens said.

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