Meet our 2016 Summer Law Clerks and Interns

NoteEach year, Appleseed is fortunate to work with a number of bright and talented law clerks and interns who help our work for positive change. We’re proud to introduce you to the clerks and interns working with us this summer to fight for justice and opportunity for all Nebraskans.


Victoria Villota – Immigrants & Communities

Victoria VillotaVictoria Villota is a sophomore at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she is majoring in economics and global studies. She enjoys long bike rides and traveling, and one day, she hopes to go skydiving.

Prior to coming to Nebraska Appleseed she was selected to serve as the UNL representative at the National Conference of Race and Ethnicity. Victoria wanted to work for Appleseed so that she could be an advocate for social justice rights. Eventually, she hopes to get her Ph.D. in public policy.


Lucely Salgado Antunez – Immigrants & Communities

Lucely AntunezOriginally from Omaha, Lucely Salgado Antunez recently completed her first year at the University of Nebraska-Kearney. There, Lucely is pursuing a degree in social work and organizational and relational communication.

In her free time Lucely enjoys volunteering and spending time with her friends and family. She is proud to say that she graduated high school with honors and was the only Hispanic student to do so out of a class of 450.

Lucely is really outgoing and enjoys working with people, which is part of why she wanted to work for Appleseed. The other part is that she likes helping people and advocating for them. After graduating college Lucely would like to work for a nonprofit organization where she can be an advocate for immigrant workers and children’s rights. After working in the field for a while she hopes to go back to school to get her masters in social work.


Kaylee Hartman – Child Welfare

Kaylee HartmanKaylee Hartman is a sophomore at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying business administration and political science. Kaylee is originally from Syracuse, Neb., and enjoys watching football, shopping, and hanging out with friends. And despite taking six years of swimming lessons she still can’t swim!

Kaylee is also super passionate about helping everyone exercise their right to vote. After hearing about Appleseed’s work on voting rights and their get out the vote work she decided she wanted to work at Appleseed.

She is most proud of getting a Regents scholarship to attend UNL. After getting her bachelor’s degree she hopes to attend law school and eventually become a judge.


Vince Litwinowicz – Health Care Access

Vincent LitwinowiczVince Litwinowcz is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. He graduated from Michigan Tech University in 1993 with a degree in metallurgical and materials engineering.

Since then Vince has found his passion for social justice issues. Vince enjoys doing advocacy work for children and adults with mental health problems and disabilities. Later, he hopes to be a grant writer and write legislation. He is most proud of the time he has spent working with Habitat for Humanity as a volunteer and as a volunteer supervisor.

In his free time Vince likes to listen to music, write poetry, bird watch, and enjoy the spring and fall foliage. He especially enjoys time outdoors. He once spent a week hiking at Isle Royale National Park, but one of his favorite things to do outside is sea kayak. He also enjoys scuba diving despite having a disability.


Angela Ching – Field

Angela ChingAngela Ching is a junior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she studies English and political science. Her hometown is Kailua, Hawaii, but she moved to Lincoln when she started at UNL. In her free time Angela enjoys looking at pictures of basset hounds on Instagram and playing overly complicated board games. She also likes listening to really bad music.

Angela is most proud of writing columns on social justice issues for the Daily Nebraskan. She first learned about Appleseed while researching for-profit schools for her column, which she said enlightened her as to how important Appleseed’s work is to our community. She wanted to work for Nebraska Appleseed because she admires the work it does. Her dream career would combine her two passions in life: social justice and publishing.


Cooper Christiancy – Immigrants & Communities

Cooper Christiancy

Cooper Christiancy is currently a sophomore at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is majoring in communications studies and global studies, as well as earning minors in human rights and humanitarian affairs, and conflict and conflict resolution.

Lincoln is Cooper’s hometown, and he is excited for the opportunity to get to welcome new Nebraskans to our city with the Immigrants & Communities Welcoming team. In his free time Cooper enjoys reading, binge-watching Netflix, and listening to his eclectic music collection. He is most proud of presenting original rhetorical research at UNL’s No Limits Undergraduate Research Conference in Women’s and Gender Studies.

Cooper wanted to work for Appleseed so he could learn more about social justice advocacy and public interest law while creating positive change in Nebraska. One day, he hopes to attend law school so he can practice in immigration law.


Macy Lloyd – Field

Macy LloydMacy Lloyd is a senior studying political science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is also working towards minors in communications studies and global studies. She has grown up in Lincoln and enjoys reading anything and everything under the sun and binge-watching Gilmore Girls.

She also loves to sing and dance. She is currently a member of UNL’s Big Red Singers show choir. However, traveling is her true passion. Last summer she studied abroad for a month in Ireland where she took courses on environmental politics.

After volunteering with the Insure the Good Life campaign in the spring, Macy knew she wanted to work for Appleseed so she could become more involved in getting Nebraskans better access to health care. Once she graduates from UNL she plans to take a gap year before going to law school. There she hopes to get a dual degree — a J.D. and a masters in public health.

Alexis Foster – Immigrants & Communities

Alexis FosterAlexis Foster is from Beatrice, Neb., and currently attends Illinois College in Jacksonville, Illinois. There she is majoring in political science and French and minoring in history.

Alexis is a junior and is involved with the student senate at Illinois College. She also is a  member of Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity. On top of that she is the student representative for the curriculum review committee and the college’s Title IX Task Force. However, Alexis is most proud of her internship with the Illinois Innocence Project.

After interning with the Innocence Project Alexis found a passion for advocacy work. She wanted to work at Nebraska Appleseed because it provided her an opportunity to continue doing similar work in her home state. Upon graduating from Illinois College she plans to attend law school and graduate with a J.D.-Ph. D.


Mariel Limon – Immigrants & Communities

Mariel Limon is originally from South Sioux City, Neb., but currently attends the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is a junior studying psychology with minors in women and gender studies, and ethnic studies. In her free time Mariel enjoys watching YouTube videos.

She is most proud of her work in a research lab at UNL that studies race and ethnicity. One day she hopes to become an immigration psychologist.

Mariel wanted to intern with Appleseed because she wanted to get involved in her community both when at school in Lincoln and when at home in South Sioux City. She has volunteered with Appleseed in the past and felt like the work we do here would best allow her to help a large number of Nebraskans.


Sarah Huddleston – Health Care Access

Sarah HuddlestonSarah Huddleston is a senior at Creighton studying social work. She is originally from Illinois, where she calls Glen Ellyn home. In her free time she enjoys listening to indie pop and alternative rock music, biking, being outdoors, spending time with friends and family, and watching re-runs of The Office and Parks and Rec. She also loves to travel!

Sarah is most proud that she and two of her friends once finished a bowl containing 15 scoops of ice cream! She is also quite the jokester with an affinity for puns.

She said she was first drawn to Appleseed’s mission to fight for justice and opportunity. Through her studies in social work, Sarah has developed a passion for effecting change through policy reform. She wanted to work with Appleseed so she could expand her knowledge about policy as well learn about other channels for social change.

After college Sarah plans to participate in a post-grad volunteer program. After that, she wants to get her Master’s in social work and then work in the field.


Adoni Faxas – Immigrants & Communities

Adoni FaxasAdoni A. Faxas is currently a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, but grew up in Grand Island.  He is a senior Latin American Studies major with a minor in Leadership and Communication.

In his free time he loves to travel or go on drives, hang out with friends, watch TV and movies, catch up on current events, and read books. Some cool facts about Adoni is that he was born in Los Angeles and moved to Nebraska when he was 8 years old. He is also half Cuban, one-fourth Honduras, and one-fourth Guatemalan.

One of his accomplishments that he is most proud of was serving as president of the Mexican American Student Association (MASA), a predominantly Latino student organization and one of the largest multicultural student organizations on UNL campus. From that experience, he learned many valuable lessons,  grew as a leader, and worked closely with higher administrators from student affairs concerning diversity and inclusion on campus.

Adoni wanted to work at Appleseed because he wanted to gain experience in serving the immigrant community and be a part community engagement work in Nebraska. His long-term education goals are to obtain a law degree and a master’s degree in either Latin American Studies or Leadership Studies. Eventually he would like to practice immigration law in Nebraska.


Kasey Ogle – Law Clerk for Economic Justice

Kasey OgleKasey Ogle is currently a second-year law student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Originally, Kasey is from Webb City, Missouri. As an undergraduate student she majored in sociology and criminal justice with a minor in mathematics at the University of Arkansas.

One of her proudest moments was successfully defending her undergraduate thesis; the research from this thesis was also used for a journal article that her advisor is writing. Eventually, Kasey would like to get a Ph. D. in Sociology and find a way to combine that with her law degree.

In her free time Kasey enjoys reading, watching TV, painting and going to live concerts. A fun fact about Kasey is that she plays the saxophone. Kasey said she wanted to work at Appleseed because she wanted to do something that mattered in the community while still gaining legal experience.


Christian Gobel – Law Clerk for Immigrants & Communities

Christian GobelChristian Gobel is a second-year law student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law. He is originally from Tekamah, Neb., and in his free time he enjoys fishing, camping and football. He also loves to read, cook, go to concerts and spend time with friends.

Christian is most proud of making it through his first year in law school and now looks forward to his summer at Appleseed. He wanted to work for Appleseed because of the work we do with underrepresented communities in Nebraska. Upon graduating, Christian wants to or practice law in labor and employment or civil rights law.


Alli Derr – Law Clerk for Health Care Access

AlliAfter finishing her undergraduate studies in cognitive and behavioral neuropsychology, and theater studies at Creighton, Alli Derr is now entering her second year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law.

Alli is originally from Lincoln, and a fun fact about her is that she has won multiple food eating contests! She also enjoys theater, puzzles, movies and playing with her cat.

Alli wanted to work for Appleseed because she wanted to use her legal knowledge to promote systemic change and education in Nebraska communities. She is also proud of surviving her first year of law school.


Madi Weinberger – Health Care Access and Economic Justice

Madi Weinberger_JPGReturning for the summer is Madi Weinberger. Madi was an intern for economic justice issues in the spring of 2016. She will continue to work on economic justice and health care access issues.


Packy Colgan – Health Care Access and Economic Justice

Packy Colgan_JPGAlso returning is intern Packy Colgan. Packy has been an intern with Appleseed since the fall 2015 in the health care access program. This summer he will continue his work in that area as well as helping with economic justice issues.


John Beutler – Law Clerk for Child Welfare

John BeutlerJohn Beutler is returning for his second summer as a law clerk for the Child Welfare program. He is currently a third-year law student at Creighton. He said he wanted to work for Nebraska Appleseed again because he knows the importance of Appleseed’s work for underrepresented Nebraskans and enjoys the group of people he gets to work with here.


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