Appleseed Statement on DHHS fiscal analysis of LB 1032

Today, Nebraska Appleseed Executive Director Rebecca Gould released the following statement on the Department of Health and Human Services’ fiscal analysis of LB 1032, the Transitional Health Insurance Program Act.

“We have seen these kinds of 11th-hour, taxpayer commissioned reports before from the Department. At the end of the day, what matters is what the Legislative Fiscal Office projects, and that analysis has not been released yet because of the Department’s undue delay. The real conversation here is that we and many others have reached out to both the Governor and the Department to be part of a solution to this problem that prevents 77,000 Nebraskans from getting the affordable health coverage they need, but they have yet to come to the table.

“We have already heard broad support from all sectors for the common-sense approach set out by Senator McCollister that provides meaningful and affordable coverage in LB 1032. If the Governor and the Department are serious about helping people live better lives, they will come to the table and work with the Legislature this session.”

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