Celebrating team effort in big children’s health victory

On June 30, a great legal victory for Nebraska children’s health was won when a Lancaster County District Court handed down a ruling in the case of K.D./S.L. v. Winterer.

The Court ruled children who are in the Medicaid program should have access to certain medically necessary behavioral and mental health treatments – treatments their doctors have prescribed and that are most effective when the children are still young.

This was a landmark legal case on which Appleseed spent countless hours over the last three years, but this victory was a wonderful team effort! We wanted to tell you about the work of two invaluable partners who worked with us as co-counsel on this case and helped stand up for justice for Nebraska children with behavioral health needs.

NHeLP - Extra SmallThe National Health Law Program (NHeLP) was critical to the success of this lawsuit. NHeLP is widely recognized as a preeminent expert on the Federal Medicaid Act and has provided technical assistance to attorneys and advocates on cases and policy matters throughout the country for many years. This expertise was invaluable in the K.D. and S.L. v. Winterer case as there were many detailed and nuanced arguments made throughout the this case about how Medicaid needed to be provided to children.

Husch-Blackwell-300x119Similarly, Husch Blackwell LLP was also a vital component to the success of this case. Husch Blackwell is a nationally recognized law firm with local offices right here in Nebraska. Husch Blackwell was able to provide Appleseed with crucial assistance in all aspects of this complex state court litigation, including leading much of the factual investigation, or “discovery,” efforts in this case.

Appleseed is very grateful for the assistance of pro bono legal partners in creating positive change through impact litigation. Thanks to their work and generosity, more Nebraska children now will be able to get the important health care they need to have a better chance at a healthy future.

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