Legislative Update – April 20, 2015

NE_Appleseed_Icons_StateCapital-128Two bills to help working families advanced to Final Reading last week, highlighting a busy week in the Legislature. Here is your Legislative Update for the week of April 20.

Working families bills pass Select File

It was a good start to last week when two bills to help hard-working families moved to Final Reading on Monday, April 13.

LB 89 – The bill, introduced by Sen. Kathy Campbell, will raise the payment rate for the Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) benefit and reduce the cliff effect in that program. Nebraska’s ADC rate has not been raised in nearly 30 years and is no longer as effective in helping families meet their basic needs. The bill advanced with amendment from Sen. Heath Mello, AM 1009, which will create an Intergenerational Poverty Task Force.

LB 81 – A bill introduced by Sen. Tanya Cook to reduce the cliff effect for families eligible for Nebraska’s child care assistance program also was advanced to Final Reading.

Appleseed would like to thank all of the State Senators who voted in favor of these two important bills.

ICWA bill to be debated soon

LB 566This bill, introduced by Sen. Colby Coash, is expected to appear on the agenda very soon. The bill would strengthen and clarify aspects of Nebraska’s Indian Child Welfare Act and help maintain ties of culture and tradition that are essential to the well-being of native children and families. Appleseed supports this bill.

Support continues to grow for DREAMers driver’s license bill

The bill that would allow young immigrant Nebraskans known as “DREAMers” to apply for driver’s licenses, LB 623, continued to ride a wave of support last week. Three more senators signed on as co-sponsors to the bill, bringing the total to 28 co-sponsors. Plus, voices across the state, from Scottsbluff to Omaha, spoke up in support of this bill recently.

LB 623 is expected to be scheduled for debate in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, call or email your State Senator and encourage them to cast a “Yes” vote for LB 623 so these young Nebraskans can contribute more fully to their communities.

Read Appleseed’s Fact Sheet on LB 623

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