Appleseed joins legal support for administrative relief to keep families together

Fortenberry 2This week, Nebraska Appleseed joined more than 150 civil rights, labor, and immigration advocacy groups in an amicus brief urging the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse a harmful decision that temporarily blocked implementation of the President’s administrative relief program to keep families together.

The brief highlights the benefits of administrative relief for our economy and the value to our society when aspiring Americans can stay united with their families and contribute to their communities.

A number of powerful stories are featured in the brief which demonstrate the importance of the President’s program to families and communities. As we have noted, administrative relief stands on solid legal ground and is well-supported by legal precedent, and we are confident that the courts will ultimately recognize this fact.

Unproductive lawsuits like this only serve to emphasize the need for Congress to create a long-term solution that updates our immigration laws and keeps families together.

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