Become a sustainer of justice for all

Appleseed-BrandIllustration_Immigration_604-445x222Building a stronger, more just society in Nebraska requires long-term commitment.

We’re in it for the long haul at Appleseed, dedicated to a vision where we have effective public systems and strong communities that ensure full opportunity for all Nebraskans.

If this vision speaks to you, please consider becoming a monthly donor to Nebraska Appleseed and sustain the fight for justice for all. Donate online.

Giving a monthly, tax-deductible donation is a convenient and cost-effective way to support Appleseed’s efforts – and ensure your gift goes further!

Your donation of just $10 per month over the course of a year becomes $120!

More than 20 fellow supporters have joined me in becoming a monthly sustainer. Will you?

Please join me and become a monthly sustainer today.

Contributions from individuals like you ensure Appleseed is ready to tackle the tough issues facing Nebraskans wherever we can do the most good – whether that’s in the courthouse, at the capitol, or in the community.


Thank you!


Becky Gould

Executive Director

Nebraska Appleseed

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