Urge State Senators to Close The Coverage Gap. Vote “Yes” on LB 472

CloseTheGap_Social GraphicNow is an important time for you to make your voice heard to fix a large hole in our health care system.

On Wednesday April 8, the Nebraska Legislature will begin debate on LB 472 – the Medicaid Redesign Act. Passing this crucial bill would make health care make sense for everyone in Nebraska.

We’re asking you to act today! Contact your State Senator and urge them to vote “YES” on LB 472. Call or email their office to voice your support.

LB 472 would:

  • Bring more than $2.2 billion of our tax dollars back home to provide health coverage for tens of thousands of our friends and neighbors.
  • Lower medical costs, and boost our economy by providing thousands of jobs.
  • Prevent nearly 500 unnecessary deaths each year by closing the coverage gap and allowing people who desperately need medical care to see a doctor.

A message to your State Senator could be as simple as this:

Dear Senator,

I’m urging you to support LB 472, the Medicaid Redesign Act, because it will let hard-working Nebraskans get the health care they need while keeping our tax dollars at home. We must pass this bill for the health of our people and the strength of our economy. Please vote “Yes” on LB 472.

You can also tweet your support to your Senator on Twitter. Click here to find your Senator’s Twitter handle. Here are some sample tweets of support:

I’m asking @SenatorTwitterHandle please vote YES on LB472 to close the coverage gap for hard-working Nebraskans. pic.twitter.com/fsxTRHIhJM

Hard-working Nebraskans need health coverage. @SenatorTwitterHandle please vote YES on LB472 to #CloseTheGap pic.twitter.com/fsxTRHIhJM

It’s important for your Senator to hear from you TODAY! Please urge your State Senator to vote “YES” on LB 472 for the health of our people and the strength of our economy.

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