Take Action TONIGHT against harmful tax bill

TONIGHT, is an important moment for you to take action and fight against a harmful tax bill that could damage our state’s budget for years to come.

NE_Appleseed_Icons_StateCapital-128LB 357 calls for income tax cuts that mainly benefit Nebraskans with high incomes at the expense of slashing funding for our schools, roads, police, fire departments, and safe, vibrant communities – similar to the bad tax policies that have caused a budget mess in Kansas.

The Legislature’s Revenue Committee could vote Wednesday morning whether or not to send this dangerous bill out of committee. We’re asking you tonight to call or email key State Senators – Senator Mike Gloor of Grand Island (Revenue Committee chairman) and Senator Burke Harr of Omaha – and ask that they reject LB 357 and any proposed revisions because of the harm it would do to our schools and other vital services.

Email                       Phone

Sen. Burke Harr    (402) 471-2722

Sen. Mike Gloor    (402) 471-2617


If you’re calling in the evening, please leave a message on their office voicemail. The Revenue Committee meets Wednesday morning and could vote on LB 357. It is important for you to take action now!

The bill would likely force schools and other local governments to raise property taxes or cut key services that all Nebraskans use while draining our state’s important “rainy day” cash reserve fund.

Urge the senators to vote “NO” on LB 357 so Nebraska can responsibly fund our state government and protect the Good Life that we’re so proud of.

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