Young immigrant driver’s license bill draws statewide support

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March 3, 2015


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Young immigrants driver’s license bill draws statewide support

LB 623 would allow DACA recipients to contribute more to their communities

LINCOLN — Tuesday, Nebraska agricultural, safety, youth, and immigrant leaders issued statements of support for LB 623 in advance of the bill’s hearing held this afternoon by the Legislature’s Transportation and Telecommunications Committee.

LB 623 would allow young immigrants brought to the U.S. as children – known as “DREAMers” – to apply for Nebraska driver’s licenses.  Nebraska currently is the ONLY state that does not allow these young immigrants, who have legal permission to live and work in the U.S., to receive driver’s licenses.

“Our potential is drastically limited and we painfully, vicariously, watch as our peers and friends achieve their goals,” said Fatima Flores, a Nebraska youth and DACA recipient. “But we are left back, wondering why? Why when in our hearts and minds we are every bit as deserving, when we work, fight, and struggle to attain our goals. When all we want to do is give back to our community and contribute to this country.”

“The Nebraska Cattlemen support this very practical policy because it is good for rural communities and it is very important to our members and the families we work with,” said Jerry Kuenning, a Nebraska Cattlemen member from Imperial, Neb. “The Cattlemen want to see Nebraska benefit from the talents of all young Nebraskans across our state.”

“We know that drivers who are educated in the rules of driving, who pass required tests, and who carry automobile insurance contribute to the overall safety and security of all drivers on our roads,” said Beverly Reicks, Executive Director of the National Safety Council, Nebraska. “The National Safety Council, Nebraska calls upon our new Governor and the members of the Legislature to work together for the common good of all Nebraskans to ensure that consistent, proper, and secure requirements are in place that will provide an opportunity to develop a safe driving culture among all of our immigrant neighbors.”

“LB 623 is good for everyone’s public safety,” said Darcy Tromanhauser, Director of the Immigrants & Communities Program at Nebraska Appleseed. “It would benefit us all by allowing young Nebraskans to contribute their talents more fully to our state’s communities and economy.”

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