“Medicaid Works” photo project shows value of health care for all Nebraska families


“Medicaid helped me beat the odds,” said JaToya McIntosh of Omaha. “I wasn’t supposed to walk past 18. I am now 33 and still walking…limited, but I can do it. Medicaid has paid for my wheelchair, physical therapy, and the medicine I need. It was a large part of the reason I am still able to walk-that and my sheer determination.”

Medicaid is vital to the wellbeing of many Nebraskans with disabilities. Unfortunately, this critical health insurance program is often poorly understood and stigmatized. The “Medicaid Works” photo project promotes an accurate picture of the many ways this essential program supports thousands of Nebraskans every day.

View the entire “Medicaid Works” photo project.

With support from the Nebraska Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities, our friends at Nebraska Appleseed–in partnership with the Munroe Meyer Institute and photographer Grace Young–have curated a series of photos illustrating the importance of Medicaid for five families in Nebraska.

These children and adults with disabilities rely on the Medicaid program to ensure their health, independence, financial stability, and overall quality of life. We encourage you to view these photos and stories here to learn more about how Medicaid works for our friends, neighbors, and communities throughout Nebraska.

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