Meet the 2014 Good Apple Awards Honorees – Husch Blackwell LLP

On October 2nd, we will be honoring people and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to justice and opportunity for all Nebraskans at the 2014 Good Apple Awards.

Leading up to the event, we will introduce you to the 2014 award recipients.

Husch-Blackwell-300x119Seeds of Justice Award – Husch Blackwell LLP

The Seeds of Justice Award honors outstanding legal contributions to public interest law and/or pro bono contributions by private lawyers and law firms advancing the public interest.

We proudly present the 2014 Seeds of Justice Award to Husch Blackwell LLP, a national law firm with offices in Omaha and Lincoln.

Husch Blackwell has been an invaluable partner in providing legal expertise, counsel, and resources in Appleseed’s efforts to ensure all Nebraska children get the health care they need.

Husch Blackwell has served as co-counsel with Appleseed and the National Health Law Program (NHeLP), representing two young children who were denied coverage of necessary behavioral health treatments recommended by their doctors.  One of the top private law firms in Nebraska, Husch Blackwell has played a central role in the discovery process and contributed hundreds of hours of their legal expertise throughout the course of the case.

The outcome of the K.D. & S.L. case will have far-reaching impacts on the ability of Nebraska families to get treatment for children who require mental and behavioral health therapies, including children with autism spectrum disorder.

For being a truly outstanding partner in contributing to the fight for justice and opportunity for Nebraska families, we are very proud to recognize Husch Blackwell LLP with the 2014 Seeds of Justice Award.

Join us in honoring Husch Blackwell at the 2014 Good Apple Awards and purchase your tickets today.

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