2014 Appleseed Interns and Law Clerks – Meet Megan Miller

Appleseed intern Megan Miller is a Wayne State College student from Crofton, Neb.

Appleseed intern Megan Miller is a Wayne State College student from Crofton, Neb.

“I’ve always been interested in how people affect events, and inversely, how events affect people,” Nebraska Appleseed intern Megan Miller said. “At Appleseed, we are experiencing this firsthand.”

One of Megan’s sociology professors at Wayne State College, where she is currently an undergraduate student, suggested an internship at Nebraska Appleseed.

“My professor is so amazing, and I value her opinion so much. So when she told me that Appleseed was one of the best places to get an internship, I knew I had to look into it,” Megan said.

While Megan fulfills a dual role as an intern for Appleseed’s Immigrants & Communities program as well as a communications intern, her goal is singular: equality for individuals in every walk of life.

“A lot of my undergrad work has been with the Latino DREAMers and through these incredible individuals, I feel even more strongly about my future in sociology, as well as a career relating to social issues and education.” Megan said. “I’ve always been very interested in issues relating to equality. Whether it’s rights for a gay couple, undocumented immigrant, low income family or religious minority, each person’s rights are extremely important.

“I saw Appleseed as a powerful voice speaking up for these individuals, which created a great pull for me to want to put my strengths and passions into work like this.” Megan said. “Hopefully [we’ll be working] in a tomorrow where all people can truthfully say that they experience equality, which was the hook, line, and sinker in my desire to intern at Appleseed.”

Name: Megan Miller

Hometown: Crofton, NE

Position: Communication/ Immigrants & Communities Intern

About me: In my final semester of school, I am majoring in both English and sociology and also minoring in art. I keep busy with quite a range of activities such as various honor societies, visual and performing arts, diversity organizations such as P.R.I.D.E and International Club, and also activities through Wayne State College such as working as a tour guide and coordinator for New Student Orientation.  In my free time I enjoy reading and writing, running, painting, thrift-store shopping, and the guilty but oh-so-satisfying pleasure of watching ABC’s Scandal.

Future plans: I will be graduating in December of 2014. During the months following, I will be applying to graduate schools for sociology and possibly English programs. In January of 2015, I plan to travel to Nayarit, Mexico, to volunteer teaching English, as well as gain experience speaking Spanish. I am also very blessed to have the opportunity to fine tune my painting skills with a local artist. I plan on returning to the U.S. in July to prepare for graduate school in the fall of 2015. From that point on, it’s wherever the world takes me.

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