Pursuing The American Dream

Freedom, opportunity are hard-won concepts.  You can help protect them for all.

Happy Independence Day from Nebraska Appleseed

Happy Independence Day from Nebraska Appleseed

Each Fourth of July provides us with the opportunity to celebrate a uniquely American holiday.

With family, friends, food, and fireworks, we raise up the strengths and ideals that create our American identity.  We are a country built on the premise of freedom and opportunity, justice, hard work, and determination that leads to a better life for ourselves and our children.

However, it is important to remember on this Independence Day that freedom and opportunity are hard-won concepts. We must always be vigilant to protect justice and opportunity for all. That is what we strive for every day at Nebraska Appleseed, and we’re proud that you join us in this work.

Your voice is essential to creating a Nebraska where these American building blocks of freedom, opportunity, and justice are available to everyone.  Your phone call to our leaders or your trip to the ballot box can be the difference in policies that remove barriers to opportunity so all of us can pursue the American Dream.

Fixing our outdated immigration system

It has been more than a year since the Senate passed a bipartisan, comprehensive immigration law, but the House of Representatives continues to block attempts to bring the bill to a vote.  Their delay allows thousands of Nebraska families to be shattered each year, harms our economy, and diminishes our Nebraska values of community, family, and common sense.

Call your Congressman and urge them to take action to pass a new immigration law that creates a path to citizenship for immigrants in America so that all Nebraska families can celebrate joyful holidays together.

  • District 1 – Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (402) 438-1598
  • District 2 – Rep. Lee Terry (402) 397-9944
  • District 3 – Rep. Adrian Smith (308) 384-3900

Not sure which district you live in?  Click here to find out.

Take Action throughout the year

Throughout the rest of the year, we will inform you about how you can take action and make your voice heard on chances to remove barriers to opportunity and justice for thousands of Nebraska families.

  • Ensuring hard work pays in Nebraska.
  • Seeing that Nebraska kids have access to the food they need to learn and grow.
  • Ensuring all our friends and neighbors can access affordable health insurance.
  • Building stronger, safer, welcoming communities.

So this Independence Day, we wish you every happiness with the comfort of family and friends.  Together we can continue to move our country forward and advance justice and opportunity for all.

From all of us here at Nebraska Appleseed, have a wonderful and safe holiday!

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