Film shows how Nebraska schools Stand Up To Poverty

NE loves PS logoNebraska Loves Public Schools is a special project from the Sherwood Foundation that has produced a number of short films on the state of our public schools. They have shot thousands of hours of footage and conducted more than 300 interviews with students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

“I think if people knew the truth of what some of our kids were going through they would completely get knocked off their socks,” said Cara Riggs, former principal of Omaha South High School. “And I always say ‘look what they tell me. Imagine what they’re not.’  How could they function?  Because I couldn’t.”

We wanted to highlight one particular film, “Standing Up To Poverty” which shows the impact of poverty on a child’s ability to learn and the important roles our schools and our communities play to make sure these Nebraska kids have every opportunity to succeed.

The film discusses the importance of school meals to the learning process. When kids don’t have access to nutritious meals, it hurts school performance and child development. We must do more to increase participation in school breakfast and lunch – through new models like Community Eligibility – and explore alternative ways to keep kids from going hungry in schools.

We encourage you to watch this half-hour film to see the ramifications of living in poverty and some of the ways Nebraska schools are addressing this issue. The film also encourages viewers to do their part, whether by volunteering time or resources, or by sharing this film to help generate awareness and support for what we all can do to give our kids the best chance at success.

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