Take Action – Stand up for Hardworking Nebraskans

You have the chance today to speak up for thousands of hardworking Nebraskans by asking your state senator to support LB 943 to raise the minimum wage in our state.

NE_Appleseed_Icons_TakeAction-128This bill will be debated by the Legislature either today or tomorrow, so please call or email your state senator’s office now and urge them to support LB 943.

LB 943 would raise the minimum wage to:

  • $9 per hour from the current $7.25 for hourly workers.

  • 70 percent of that standard minimum wage for workers who earn tips.

  • Both of these changes would be made gradually over the next three years.

We need to raise the minimum wage because hard work just isn’t paying like it used to.  This wage has not kept up with inflation over the years, and a full-time worker who makes minimum wage is now considered below the federal poverty level!

A Nebraskan who works full time should not live in poverty!

By raising the minimum wage in Nebraska, we can restore the dignity in a hard day’s work, rebuild the middle class, and help families earn enough to meet their basic needs.

Please contact your senator NOW and urge them to support raising the minimum wage because hardworking Nebraskans should be paid for an honest day’s work.

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