ACA In Nebraska – Marketplace provides new, less-expensive coverage plans

Twitter_Avatar54_1Sharlette Schwenninger is self employed and had been purchasing her own health insurance for five years.

Every year, her premiums had been rising, but due to her own health concerns, she had always felt she needed a higher-premium plan. The insurance plan she had at the time had become very expensive outside of the Health Insurance Marketplace, so she decided to check out her options within the Marketplace on

Sharlette admitted that when she tried to sign up right away in October, she had a hard time getting her application accepted. But she stayed optimistic. “I didn’t get frustrated because I took this as a good sign–that lots of people were trying to sign up.” Luckily, the website is working well for all now.

When she did get through, she was able to get a Platinum plan through a different provider for significantly cheaper than her previous plan. She is saving $198 monthly from tax credits and pays only a $500 deductible and $1,000 out-of-pocket maximum. Her coverage began November 1st of last year and she has been using it successfully ever since.

To others who have not yet signed up, Sharlette says, “You have nothing to lose by checking it out.”

The deadline to enroll in coverage is coming up on March 31st! Go to to see what your options are. It takes less time…and could be more affordable…than you think.


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