Please thank the senators who fought for hard-working, uninsured Nebraskans

NE_Appleseed_Icons_Democracy-128As you may have seen this morning, LB 887, the Wellness in Nebraska Act, that would have provided a path to affordable health insurance for at least 54,000 uninsured Nebraskans, was filibustered this morning. The vote to end debate was 27-21, with 33 votes necessary to end debate.

While this is a disappointing outcome, we will continue to work with our state senators in the future to ensure that eventually all Nebraskans can have access to affordable health care.

The senators who supported the Wellness In Nebraska Act fought hard, and we offer our most sincere thanks and appreciation for their leadership and passion.

It is really important that the supportive senators hear our thanks.

Please take a moment to thank these senators for supporting LB 887 and the tens of thousands of uninsured, working Nebraskans who need affordable health coverage.

Email Link

Phone Number

Sen. Greg Adams

(402) 471-2756

Sen. Brad Ashford

(402) 471-2622

Sen. Bill Avery

(402) 471-2633

Sen. Kate Bolz

(402) 471-2734

Sen. Kathy Campbell

(402) 471-2731

Sen. Ernie Chambers

(402) 471-2612

Sen. Danielle Conrad

(402) 471-2720

Sen. Tanya Cook

(402) 471-2727

Sen. Sue Crawford

(402) 471-2615

Sen. Al Davis

(402) 471-2628

Sen. Annette Dubas

(402) 471-2630

Sen. Mike Gloor

(402) 471-2617

Sen. Ken Haar

(402) 471-2673

Sen. Galen Hadley

(402) 471-2726

Sen. Burke Harr

(402) 471-2722

Sen. Sara Howard

(402) 471-2723

Sen. Jerry Johnson

(402) 471-2719

Sen. Russ Karpisek

(402) 471-2711

Sen. Rick Kolowski

(402) 471-2327

Sen. Steve Lathrop

(402) 471-2623

Sen. Amanda McGill

(402) 471-2610

Sen. Heath Mello

(402) 471-2710

Sen. Jeremy Nordquist

(402) 471-2721

Sen. Paul Schumacher

(402) 471-2715

Sen. Kate Sullivan

(402) 471-2631

Sen. Norm Wallman

(402) 471-2620

Sen. John Wightman

(402) 471-2642

Nebraska is a better, stronger state when all of our people have access to affordable, quality health care, and Appleseed will keep fighting for our uninsured people until that vision comes true.

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