On Valentine’s Day – Three things we love at Appleseed

NeAppl_shield_4c_150In honor of Valentine’s Day we wanted to share three things that we love:

1. Justice and Opportunity!  It’s our mission and what makes communities strong and helps all members of a community thrive.  We love that we get to spend our days (and sometimes nights and weekends) fighting for these values and ensuring they are reflected in the policy decisions made in our communities and our state.

2. Collaboration!  Not only is it not as much fun to work alone, you are also less likely to achieve your goals and come up with the best, most-effective solutions.  While collaboration and compromise have been harder to find in Congress and political discourse these days, it is alive and well in Nebraska’s nonprofit advocacy community.  We love and feel fortunate to have so many great partners to work with and want to wish them all a Happy Valentines Day.

3. You!  The work that we do couldn’t happen without you.  You bring critical needs, issues and opportunities to our attention.  You use your voice to call your elected officials, write letters to your local papers, engage in dialogue with your friends and family about critical issues all of which create the momentum necessary for positive change.  Thank You!

From all of us at Nebraska Appleseed, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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