Appleseed statement on Wellness In Nebraska bill, LB 887

***For Immediate Release***

January 29, 2014


PRESS RELEASE: Statement on Wellness In Nebraska bill, LB 887.

WIN would extend health insurance access to at least 54,000 working Nebraskans.

LINCOLN — Today, the Nebraska Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee held a hearing on LB 887, which would provide health insurance coverage to 54,000 working Nebraskans that will otherwise remain uninsured.  Nebraska Appleseed Executive Director Rebecca Gould released the following statement on LB 887.

“The Wellness In Nebraska Act provides our state with the opportunity to improve the health of our people through an innovative solution that addresses the specific needs of our state,” said Nebraska Appleseed Executive Director Rebecca Gould.  “When you are sick, it is hard to work, take care of your family and be an active member of your community.  Right now, at least 54,000 Nebraskans are being left out of our health insurance system and as a result the potential of our state is being compromised.  LB 887 will solve this problem and help tens of thousands of working families afford health insurance.

“The WIN Act is a unique solution tailored to our state’s health care needs.  It provides affordable access to quality insurance coverage using a combination of public and private approaches and encourages wellness, prevention and appropriate use of our health care system,” Gould said.  “LB 887 will help working Nebraskans get coverage, reduce uncompensated care costs, and ensure a healthier population necessary for a strong economy, strong families, and a strong future for our state.”


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