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Rebuild Logo UpdatedThe Nebraska Tax Modernization Committee has finished up its series of public hearings and is now meeting to come up with recommendations for the future of our state’s tax system.

We have one more way we would like our state senators to hear from you.

Please consider signing this online petition started by Rebuild Nebraska telling our senators you believe Nebraska is strongest when we have a tax system that:

  • Gives our state the revenue necessary to meet its obligations
  • Allows for responsible investment in the areas that grow our economy (like education and infrastructure), and
  • Is progressive so our lower-income and middle-income families do not pay more in taxes than the people with highest incomes.

It was clear from the committee’s hearings that people’s main concern is property tax rate. Very few people were concerned about their income taxes. Yet, certain interests still are pushing for large income tax cuts that will not create jobs and only will benefit a few of the wealthiest Nebraskans while not giving much benefit to middle and low-income families.

It is important to show our lawmakers many Nebraskans support a balanced tax system that does not jeopardize our relatively strong economy and funds areas that do grow jobs and protects our quality of life.

This online petition outlines the principles of a balanced, responsible, and fair tax system.  Please consider signing it to voice your support for a tax system that works for all Nebraskans and allows our state to invest in The Good Life that we have built carefully over many years.

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