Know your options in the new health insurance Marketplace

NE_Appleseed_Icons_AffordableCareAct-128The new health insurance marketplace opens on October 1 and will offer a great opportunity to understand new health insurance options, shop around for the best prices and benefits, and choose the plan that’s best for you and your family, even if you have health care coverage already.

What You Should Know

  • You don’t have to stick with your current insurance plan if you currently have an individual insurance plan for yourself or your family. And, if you had coverage through CHIP (the Comprehensive Insurance Pool), you can get coverage through the Marketplace now.

  • The Marketplace will let you review and compare all the plans that are offered in your area, so you can select the plan that meets your needs and fits your budget.

  • You will find out if you qualify to receive tax credits that will reduce the amount you’ll pay in premiums every month.

  • Even if you have health care coverage through your employer, you will be able to compare it to a plan offered through the Marketplace to see which option costs you less or offers better coverage.  It’s your choice.

The Bottom line: The Marketplace is where to go to compare plans, get tax credits, and shop for health insurance, and it’s a great opportunity to explore all your options!  Go to to get started.


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