Nebraskans support fixing immigration system at Maha Music Festival

IMG_0015Saturday, Appleseed was proud to take part in the Maha Music Festival Community Campus for the second straight year.

The Community Campus gives Nebraska nonprofits a chance to meet festival goers and educate them on the important work being done in the state.

At Appleseed’s table, concert goers were able to play our immigration board game, which shows people the pitfalls and hurdles that our out-of-date immigration system poses to aspiring American citizens.

People were surprised to see that a form being mailed to a wrong address or a clerk’s error could end someone’s chance at becoming an American citizen.  For those who have their paperwork in order, they still may be faced with waits of a decade or more separated from their families, and thousands of dollars in legal fees without a guarantee of ever becoming a citizen. For many others, there simply is no line to get in until we modernize our immigration laws.

IMG_0025Many of the people who learned these troubling facts took time to write postcards or make calls to their U.S. Congressman Saturday asking them to support common-sense immigration laws that provide a clear, attainable path to citizenship that keeps Nebraska families together.

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We are incredibly grateful to the Maha Music Festival organizers for allowing us to once again take part in this wonderful event and connect with so many people.  With beautiful weather and amazing bands, it was an awesome time at Maha 2013!


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