More ADC participants can now use Education Activities to meet Work Requirements

Pages from Choosing Education Handbook August 2013Last week, Nebraska took a major step forward in supporting the educational needs of adults making low incomes. With LB 240 now in effect, all parents in the Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) Program can meet their full work requirement by participating in GED, English as a Second Language, or Adult Basic Education programs.

In the past, restrictions around age and work hours had prevented parents from accessing these important educational activities. LB 240 removed those barriers and created greater opportunities for low-income parents in Nebraska.  Today, all parents in ADC-eligible families can earn the skills and credentials necessary for higher education, good jobs, and economic independence.

The materials below have been updated to reflect this exciting change:

For more information about ADC and education, please contact Trisha Thompson or call the Nebraska Appleseed Intake and Information Line at 1-800-845-3746.

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