Nebraska children ask Congressmen “Keep Our Families Together”

One of the most damaging consequences of our outdated immigration system is the havoc it wreaks on families.  Nationwide, an estimated 4.5 million children who are U.S. citizens have a parent without immigration status, including thousands here in Nebraska.

IMG_0677Kids are more likely to suffer physical and emotional health problems and not do as well in school when separated from their parents or when living with the daily fear of separation. They can be plunged into poverty when a parent who brings in an income is detained or deported. Family separation also takes an enormous toll on the other parent.

While our Congressmen are back home this month during Congress’ August recess, Nebraska families are urging our Representatives that we need common-sense immigration laws that put families first.  Local groups from around the state are visiting our Representatives’ offices this month, delivering postcards from Nebraskans who want updated immigration laws with a clear and attainable path to citizenship that keeps our families and communities strong.

IMG_0672But our leaders are not only hearing from adults.  Nebraska children from across the state drew pictures showing the importance of their families and ask that our state’s Representatives do their part to “Keep Nebraska Families Together.”

See the photo album of Nebraska children’s drawings

Fixing our immigration system to include a clear and direct process for citizenship reflects our Nebraska values of the importance of strong families.  It will keep Nebraska communities stronger and ensure more of our children will not suffer the terrible effects of being separated from their family members.




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