Nebraskans show passion for Immigration Reform at Urban Abbey

The Immigration Board game shows people the pitfalls and barriers of our outdated immigration system.

The Immigration Board game shows people the pitfalls and barriers of our outdated immigration system.

Appleseed is always striving to engage people to take action in their community to make Nebraska a better and stronger place to live.

We know many Nebraskans are passionate in their support of immigration reform to fix our outdated immigration laws, but it was exciting to see the enthusiasm at our recent Immigration Reform Advocacy Night last week at Urban Abbey in Omaha.

A crowd filled the intimate coffee shop to learn how they could take action to voice their support of a clear and attainable pathway to citizenship for aspiring Americans.  Appleseed staff gave a presentation on the current status of immigration bills in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.  The most popular part of the night was the Immigration Board Game, where it becomes clear that many of today’s immigrants become trapped in a system with no way to become a citizen and no way to apply for immigration papers.

But above all, the Advocacy Night was about action!  We were proud to watch as several people called their congressional representatives to urge them to support an immigration bill that provides a reasonable process to become a citizen.  Others wrote postcards to their representatives and drafted letters to their local newspaper to support common-sense immigration laws.

You, too, can take action.  Call or email your congressman and ask them to support a common-sense fix for our immigration system that includes a path to citizenship that strengthens our economy, makes our communities stronger, and reflects our Nebraska values of humanity and compassion.

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (District 1)

(202) 225-4806 or (402) 438-1598

Rep. Lee Terry (District 2)

(202) 225-4155 or (402) 397-9944

Rep. Adrian Smith (District 3)

(202) 225-6435 or (308) 384-3900

Not sure which district you live in?  Click here to find out

Click these links to submit a Letter to the Editor to the Omaha World-Herald or the Lincoln Journal Star.

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us at Urban Abbey and for adding your voice to the millions across the country that are calling out for a responsible, sensible fix to our immigration system.

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