Appleseed Summer Law Clerks and Interns – Meet Alexis Yim

Alexis Yim, originally from South Korea, is a marketing student at UNL.

Alexis Yim, originally from South Korea, is a marketing student at UNL.

Note: Each summer, Nebraska Appleseed is fortunate to work with a number of bright, talented law clerks and interns. This is one of a series of posts that feature Appleseed’s clerks and interns discussing their backgrounds and experiences.

Name: Taeuum “Alexis” Yim

Position: Intern

Hometown: Busan, South Korea

About Me: Alexis transferred to the University of Nebraska last year and came to the United States when she was 20. “I like it here, people are really friendly and really kind. I like American food. I’m a senior majoring in marketing. I like to watch movies, my favorite movie is “Titanic.”

Why Appleseed?: “I like to work here because I like the people here. My supervisor tried to help me out with marketing. He tries to find marketing projects for me. It’s also really close to campus, so I don’t need to drive. I hope to gain marketing experience interning here. My supervisor has been really helpful with working on marketing stuff.

Future Plans: “I want go to graduate school to specialize in international marketing. I’ve looked around at a few graduate schools that specialize in it, but I’m ok with going to UNL’s. I want to get a job as a marketer, and eventually go back [to South Korea] after I graduate because I miss my family and friends there, a lot. I want to get a job anywhere. It doesn’t matter if I’m working in America, or I’m working in Canada, or Singapore, or South Korea.”

If you are interested in becoming an Appleseed law clerk contact Robert McEwen.  If you would like to intern with Appleseed contact Rebecca Gonzales.

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