Senate Immigration Bill Passes with Bipartisan Support, One Step Closer to Common-Sense Laws for the Future

A10 immigration rallyToday is a historic day for all of us. Immigration is an important part of the fabric of our families, communities, and economy,” Gould said. “Passage of this bill at long last moves us toward modernizing our antiquated immigration laws to create a strong foundation for Nebraska’s families, our communities, our economy and our future. We all benefit from laws that uphold our values and support our families and small businesses.

This bill is not perfect.  We are concerned about the late compromise amendment that added billions of dollars of excessive and ineffective spending on the southern border, which already is more secure than it has ever been,” Gould said.  “However, those concerns do not overshadow our joy for a sensible path forward for our communities. Under this legislation, there is at last a clear and attainable process to residency and eventual citizenship for aspiring Americans.

We are disappointed both of Nebraska’s U.S. Senators chose not to support the bill despite the historic opportunity to make such a positive difference to our state,” Gould said.  “This bill means great things for Nebraska’s communities and future. However, we eagerly look forward to working with our state’s Representatives to pass a productive House immigration bill later this summer that will reflect our Nebraska values of community, humanity, decency, and hard work that will move us forward as a country.

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