Optimism from House announcement of immigration bill

A10 immigration rallyAppleseed is very encouraged by news that a bipartisan group of lawmakers in the House of Representatives has reached an agreement in principle on immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for aspiring Americans. While we await the details of the agreement, the announcement marks yet another major breakthrough.

Combined with the progress being made in the Senate Judiciary Committee on that chamber’s bill, we are more optimistic than ever that Congress will achieve common-sense immigration laws this year.

Nebraskans want an updated immigration system that keeps our families together and creates a strong foundation for our economy, communities, and future.  Last month, more than 40 Nebraska organizations gathered at the State Capitol to urge common-sense immigration laws that create a clear and inclusive process for citizenship for aspiring Americans. The organizations represented a wide range of Nebraska perspectives, including faith, business, labor, rural, urban, civic, civil rights, children and families.

We believe immigration is an important part of the social and economic fabric of Nebraska’s communities.  We need a modern immigration system that reflects these beliefs and we are optimistic Congress will create a law that exhibits these values.

Click here to read more about Appleseed’s work with Immigrants and Communities.

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