Educational opportunity bill signed into law, will help low-income families become secure

Appleseed-BrandIllustration_LowIncome_604Education is one of the best paths out of poverty.  Indeed, literacy, GED credentials, and other basic education skills are absolutely essential for economic independence. The Nebraska Legislature made strides towards making education more accessible by passing a bill that helps improve educational opportunities for low-income families.

LB 240, a bill sponsored by Senator John Harms, allows low-income parents over the age of 24 to more easily pursue basic educational activities such as GED programs as part of their required work activities in the Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) program. Under this change low-income parents of all ages can count 20 or more hours spent in GED, English as a Second Language, or Adult Basic Education programs toward their weekly participation.

Additionally, these parents may be able to access help with child care, transportation, and other supportive services necessary for educational success.

We commend the Legislature for passing and Governor Heineman for signing LB 240 and expanding opportunity for all low-income parents in Nebraska.

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