Make your voice heard on Facebook and Twitter to help bring Medicaid bill to a vote

Today, we’re asking all our supporters to take a moment to help bring LB 577 to a vote and help 54,000 uninsured, working Nebraskans to get health care coverage while returning $2.3 billion to our state’s economy.

LB577 advocacy iconA small group of state senators are preventing this bill from coming up for a vote.  That is not how important decisions should be made in Nebraska.

We are asking for your help today on Facebook and Twitter.  Please consider standing with the people in your life and the hospitals and businesses in your community that could be helped by LB 577.

First, please share this image on your Facebook page and other social media sites.

Next, take a moment to tweet your support for the Medicaid bill directly to the state senators below using the hashtag #VoteOn577

The messages will load automatically when you click each senator’s name.  By clicking these links you can thank the senators that already have supported the bill and politely ask other senators to bring LB 577 to a vote.

Thank you for all you have done so far!  We are so close.  Your voice can make all the difference!

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