Take Action – Support Lincoln City Charter Amendment

Take-ActionOur public officials are best able to serve the public when there is a bond of trust between decision-makers and the people affected by those decisions.  Limiting the possibility of conflicts of interest is important to protecting that relationship.

The Lincoln City Charter Amendment on the ballot May 7 would foster trust and ensure integrity within city government by prohibiting the mayor and any sitting city council member from having a city contract in which they have a significant financial interest.

We urge you to vote “Yes” on the amendment when you go to the ballot box on Tuesday.

Many other cities of a similar size to Lincoln have these kinds of conflict-of-interest provisions.  Many larger cities, including Omaha, completely prohibit elected city officials from having any financial interest in a city contract.

This amendment levels the playing field for those seeking to do business with the city.  It is about good government, fair competition and accountability.  That’s why we encourage you to vote “Yes” on the Amendment to the city charter on May 7.

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