Nebraska Appleseed Statement on Senate Immigration Bill

us_senate_large_seal_color-150x150Darcy Tromanhauser, Director of Nebraska Appleseed’s Immigrants & Communities Program, issued the following statement on today’s Senate immigration reform bill.

“This is a historic moment as our country takes a long-overdue step toward modernizing our immigration laws,” Tromanhauser said. “This bipartisan bill would finally create a process for millions of aspiring Americans — people who are our friends, neighbors, and family members, and who are an important part of our communities and economy — to take a step forward on the road to citizenship,” Tromanhauser said. “The bill needs improvement, but it represents a historic opportunity to create an immigration process that can be a solid foundation for Nebraska’s families and communities, and lives up to our values.”

“Here at home, a recent press conference by a notably diverse group of more than 40 Nebraska institutions – representing families, faith, businesses, labor, rural communities and cities – showed why modernizing our immigration laws is good for all of us, good for our future, and required by our values. News here at home and around the country shows that we’ve reached this moment because this is something Americans want to see move forward. This is the time.

“In order to continue developing the inclusive culture that makes America great, the road to citizenship must be real for families, and on this count the initial proposal needs to be improved. We must remove unnecessary obstacles and delays that could unfairly exclude some families to the detriment of us all.

“This bipartisan bill represents a major step forward. We applaud the thoughtful efforts of the Senate Gang of Eight and we are optimistic that we are closer than ever to making history. Now is the time for Nebraskans to actively engage with Congress to ensure the bill creates the best foundation for our families and America’s future.”

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