What we all stand to gain from updated immigration laws

julieta_garibayThe inspiring young immigrant Americans in the audience of last night’s State of the Union address show both what we stand to gain from common-sense immigration laws and what we stand to lose from continued inaction.

Their dreams, talents, and commitment to this country are enormous assets.  Alan Aleman, a student of biological science, was a guest of Michelle Obama.  Julieta Garibay and Gabino Sanchez were guests of two members of Congress.

Because immigration is a critical part of who we are as a nation – an integral part of our social and economic fabric – we need to bring our immigration laws into the 21st century so that they serve our interests and our values.

It’s time for a clear and direct roadmap to citizenship – one that supports and strengthens our families, communities, businesses, and future.

The growing momentum from the President, Congress, and the public is exciting. Now, as the Nebraska Cattlemen said recently, “It’s time. We have to get something done on this.”

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