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nebraska-state-capital1-150x150Last week, Appleseed testified on several bills at the Legislature

Appleseed Opposes Harmful Tax Policy

LB 405 and LB 406 – Two harmful bills that would create a regressive tax structure by eliminating the state income and corporate taxes and eliminate sales tax exemptions.  Appleseed joined the overwhelming opposition to these two bills.

Appleseed encourages a thorough, thoughtful discussion on Nebraska’s tax system, but feels this regressive structure will harm our state’s middle class and lower income working families.

Watch video and read the transcript of Appleseed’s testimony opposing LB 405 and LB 406.
Read Appleseed Executive Director Rebecca Gould’s statement.

Economic Justice

LB 560 – A bill to prevent wage theft in Nebraska and ensure that a day’s work equals a day’s pay. This bill (and LB 177) supports hard-working Nebraskans by targeting those few dishonest employers who would undermine fairness for employees and a fair playing field for other employers by failing to pay for work performed.

Watch video and read the transcript of Appleseed’s testimony supporting LB 560.

Child Welfare

LB 270 – A bill which would fill the gap in access to children’s behavioral health services.  The bill directs the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services to apply for a Medicaid waiver to provide supplemental community-based services youth with serious emotional disturbances.

Read the transcript of Appleseed’s testimony supporting LB 270.

Other Bills of Interest

LB 98 –  Appleseed testified in support of this bill which creates a mechanism for a review of a state agency action that allegedly violates the Administrative Procedure Act.

LB 363 – Appleseed testified in support of this bill which would improve accountability and transparency in Nebraska’s Open Records Act.

LB 559 – Appleseed testified in support of this bill which would adopt a short-time compensation program in an effort to prevent worker layoffs or terminations.

For a complete list of Appleseed’s testimony see our Legislature page.

Upcoming Hearings

Appleseed will monitor and may testify at several hearings this week.

Tuesday – February 12

LB 239 – Adopt the Nebraska All-Payer Patient-Centered Medical Home Act.

Wednesday – February 13

LB 359 – Increases access to child care subsidies by incrementally increasing the amount of income disregards.
LB 530 – Increases reimbursements for foster families to better meet the needs of children in foster care, establishes a pilot project for a new method of determining rates, and extends the Children’s Commission and its subcommittees until 2016.
LB 443 – Adopt the Children’s Residential Facilities and and Placing Licensure Act.

Thursday – February 14

LB 556 – To improve access to behavioral health services for children by providing for screenings as part of childhood physicals.
LB 235 – Improve communications and accountability in the administration of Nebraska elections.

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