Nebraska Cattlemen Promote Immigration Reform

nebraska-cattlemen_lightMomentum around immigration reform continues to grow as new voices come forward to promote common-sense immigration laws at the federal level. An article in today’s Lincoln Journal Star highlights the Nebraska Cattlemen’s announcement of their support for positive reform.

Leigh cattleman Chuck Folken describes how he has never forgotten the large-scale immigration raid in Grand Island before Christmas 2006:

“They took away mothers and fathers and left numerous children in Grand Island without parents,” Folken said Monday. “And, frankly, that bothered me.”

Folken goes on to describe the strong support for Cattlemen’s new policy on immigration recently passed by the membership at their annual meeting: “I was amazed, at our convention, how many people came up to me, patted me on the back and said this was long overdue,” Folken said, “that it was time our association did something.”

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