Extra Credit: Resources for Non-Traditional, Parenting, and Low-Income Students

Pages-from-Extra-Credit-BookletGetting a degree is one of the best long-term pathways out of poverty for low income families.  Degree completion is also important to colleges and universities, especially important now as more non-traditional students are seeking post-secondary education.

Research shows that access to public assistance programs, such as Medicaid and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, can help keep students in school and help them succeed. However, too frequently, lack of understanding about these programs holds students back.

Now, Nebraska Appleseed has produced a new guidebook to help students.  “Extra Credit: Resources for Non-Traditional, Parenting, and Low-Income Students” is now available.  This guide specifically addresses issues faces by students seeking assistance.

Also, check out our full library of materials about rights in public benefits programs.

We encourage you to study it closely and share this information with your students, clients, and friends!

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