Sometimes Historic Change Takes Heroic Acts

Last week, Nebraska student and wrestling champion Daniel Dominguez walked from O’Neill to Lincoln – covering 200 miles on foot – to raise awareness about the federal DREAM Act. To learn more about his incredible journey and the critical importance of the legislation, go to

The DREAM Act is federal legislation that would allow talented students without legal status who have grown up in the U.S. to continue their education, paying in-state rates (similar to Nebraska’s in-state tuition law). Importantly, it would also provide a means to apply for legal status for those who graduate from college or complete two years of military service (this cannot be done at the state level).

Appleseed was proud to join Daniel and approximately 100 supporters from his school and others for the final walk to the Capitol. Dan, his teachers, and other school administrators provided inspiring words about the need for this common-sense legislation and its importance for Nebraska’s future and our incredible students. They are an inspiration to us all. Learn more about Daniel’s walk and the DREAM Act at

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