Nebraska Appleseed’s Infant-At-Work Program

MarleySince our founding in Milo and Andrea’s basement, Appleseed has been a family friendly organization and one that strives to create a positive work-life balance. This commitment takes many forms. One example is Appleseed’s Infant-At-Work Program in which staff who have worked at Appleseed for at least one year are permitted to bring a new baby with them to work until the child is one year old.

Currently, my 8 month old daughter Marley comes to the office with me. Marley is the latest in a line of children who have played or napped by our desks as we work for equal justice. At least 10 Appleseed babies have spent part of the first years of their lives in our office. It’s not always easy (I’ve become quite adept at typing with one hand, for example), but the benefits are many. In addition to molding the next generation of public interest leaders at an early age, we believe this policy is beneficial not only to the family but also to Appleseed and our society. We truly believe it takes a village to raise a child and that starts with each of us doing what we can to support children and families.

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