Bridge to Independence

Nebraska’s Bridge to Independence Program

During the 2013 Nebraska Legislative Session, the Young Adult Bridge to Independence Act, introduced as LB 216 by Senator Amanda McGill, became state law. This Act created the Bridge to Independence (B2I) program, which extends services and support to youth aging out of foster care until they turn 21. This Act also provides extended adoption or guardianship subsidies for youth who were adopted or entered into a guardianship at age 16 or older. For more details, check out our youth-friendly fact sheet or some of our other materials.

Important Note

The Bridge to Independence program is administered by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (NDHHS). This website was created and is maintained by Nebraska Appleseed to provide resources for young adults and professionals about the Bridge to Independence program, but does not constitute legal advice and does not represent the official positions of NDHHS.

For Youth and Young Adults


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For Judges, Attorneys, and Professionals


The Story of LB 216

Watch for the history of LB 216‘s passage in Nebraska. Or click here to view the Prezi at your own pace without the voiceover. 

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