Nebraska Appleseed is a nonprofit organization that fights for justice and opportunity for all Nebraskans. We take a systemic approach to complex issues – such as child welfare, immigration policy, affordable healthcare and poverty – and we take our work wherever we believe we can do the most good, whether that’s at the courthouse, in the statehouse or in the community.

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Current Litigation

K.D. & S.L. v. HHS – Lawsuit Filed to Protect the Rights of Nebraska Children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities - Press Release 05/18/2012

Economic Justice Litigation

Medicaid Sanctions
Cases Davio v. HHS (class action)
Post Secondary Education
Cases Walters v. Nebraska (class action)
Kosmicki v. Nebraska
Keith v. HHS
Time Limits
Cases Jones v. Nebraska (class action)
Family Cap
Cases Mason v. Nebraska (class action)
Income Disregards
Cases Bauer v. Rasmussen

Child Welfare Litigation

Cases K.D. & S.L. v. HHS
  • Background
    • The suit challenges an HHS Medicaid policy that excludes certain treatments for children with developmental disabilities in violation of the federal Medicaid Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Read the full press release. At its heart, this lawsuit is trying to make sure that children with developmental disabilities and autism access the early intervention services they need. Read more...
  • Pleadings
  • Other
Cases In re Interest Walter W.
In re Interest Elias L.
In re Interest Thomas M.
In re Interest Shayla H.

Appleseed Related Litigation

Cases Jones et. al. vs. Gale et. al.
Jones v. HHS (Petitioner represented by John Milligan of Legal Aid of Nebraska)
Arellano v. Nebraska (Petitioner represented by Rae Ann Schmitz of Legal Aid of Nebraska)

Current Legislation

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Current Bills Monitored by Nebraska Appleseed & Testimony by Program Area
Economic Justice

LB330 - A bill that would help working people striving to move off of public assistance by allowing them to increase their wages without losing essential food assistance (SNAP) before they can afford it. The bill would raise the gross income limit for SNAP to 150% of the Federal Poverty Level.

LB359 - Change eligibility redeterminations relating to a child care subsidy

LB367 - Adopt the Twenty-First Century Developmental Education Act

LB430 - A bill that would align the asset limit rules in ADC and the child care subsidy program with the Supplementation Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This would allow low-income families to save some of their earnings for the future and would help to create efficiencies in the service delivery system.

LB 669 and LB 670 - Bills that would reduce the property tax valuation of agricultural land and remove $68 million from the state cash reserve fund to be used for one-time reduction in property taxes. Appleseed has concerns these bills could leave our state without the ability to fund key obligations like education, infrastructure and workforce development and are a risky use of our cash reserve fund.

LB 721 - A bill that could potentially destabilize Nebraska’s tax system by reducing the individual income tax rate. This bill holds similar risks to LB 669 and LB 670 in that it would only benefit a few high-earning Nebraskans and reduce the state’s ability to fund the public structures all Nebraskans use.

LB 834 - A bill that would create a fund with public and private dollars to incentivize schools to participate in school breakfast programs and take more innovative approaches to providing that program.

LB 932 - A bill to prohibit public employers from requesting prior criminal history on the first round of an employment application for certain jobs, with exceptions for jobs pertaining to law enforcement or working with vulnerable populations. This bill will better enable people to seek meaningful employment after the completion of their sentence.

LB 943 - A bill that would raise Nebraska’s minimum wage gradually over three years to $9 per hour.

LB 955 - A bill that would create a paid family leave policy in Nebraska. Employees would contribute to a fund and be able to receive up to six weeks of paid leave per year to be used to care for family members.

LB 956 - A bill to slightly increase the Earned Income Tax Credit for Nebraska’s low-income parents. The EITC has been a tremendously helpful tool in fighting poverty.

LB 1097 - A bill that could have devastating effects on Nebraska’s state budget by creating a more regressive tax system that could leave middle and low-income families paying a higher percentage of their income in taxes. The bill would lead to a large budget deficit that will hurt our state’s ability to fund essential priorities like schools, roads, and family supports.

LR 400 – This resolution would direct the Executive Committee to create a special investigative committee for the troubled ACCESSNebraska system and issue a report by December 15, 2014.

Health Care

LB220 - Would ensure children are eligible for medical assistance through Medicaid and CHIP for 12 continuous months. Also streamlines and simplifies the verification requirements for the program.

LB 887 - A bill aimed at helping at least 54,000 working Nebraskans gain access to affordable health insurance. The bill creates a new program known as “Wellness In Nebraska,” that would provide health insurance through the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid option for some Nebraskans as well as provide assistance to help purchase private insurance for others.

Immigrants & Communities

LB307 - A bill that undermines injured workers by allowing employers to discontinue workers' compensation payments without a prior ruling by a judge if an employee turns down medical or surgical treatment funded by their employer.

LB324 - A bill that creates an overly broad defense for employers to avoid paying workers' compensation to employees they feel sustained injuries prior to coming to work for their current employer. The bill would allow employers to deny workers' compensation based on information listed on job applications or pre-employment questionnaires, which is not always clear.

LR 399 - A resolution introduced by a bipartisan group of 14 senators calling on Nebraska’s U.S. Congressional delegation to take action in support of a common-sense fix to our country’s outdated immigration laws.

Child Welfare

LB355 - Would lower the age of majority in Nebraska from 19 to 18 years of age.

LB380 - Would allow for adoption between two unmarried individuals.

LB385 - Prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, marital status, or national origin when determining the suitability of foster care parents.

LB 790 - A bill that would require a set of best practices when training both state and private child welfare caseworkers. This will save state and private agency dollars and ensure consistent, evidence–based training for all child welfare caseworkers in Nebraska.

LB 853 - A bill to implement stakeholder recommendations and strengthen the implementation of the Bridge to Independence program, which extends services and support to young people aging out of foster care under last session’s LB 216.

LB 928 - A bill that adds much-needed clarity to Nebraska’s ICWA statute and will help the state better serve Native children and families in our child welfare system.

LB 936 - A bill that creates a pilot program to provide developmental disabilities services to youth in Nebraska's foster system who do not otherwise qualify for assistance.

Voting & Elections

LB235 - would increase transparency, accountability, and accessibility in Nebraska elections.

LB381 - A bill that would require Nebraska citizens to have a photo identification with their current address in order vote in elections. Appleseed is strongly opposed to such an exclusionary voter suppression bill. It is an unnecessary roadblock to the democratic process that undermines the voting rights of many older Nebraskans, Nebraskans that live in rural areas, students who move several times per year, and Nebraskans with low incomes.

LB 662 - A bill that would require anyone to show a photo identification with a current address in order to register to vote if they have moved since the previous election. This bill could potentially disenfranchise about 100,000 voters in Nebraska.


LB363 - Would increase accountability and transparency in Nebraska's Open Records Act.

LB 718, LB 719, and LB 720 - A package of bills introduced by Sen. Sue Crawford that change the state’s Administrative Procedures Act to improve transparency in the rulemaking process.


Economic Justice

Health Care

Immigrants & Communities
Meatpacking / Worker Safety

Unsafe at These Speeds - Southern Poverty Law Center and Alabama Appleseed

Poultry Rule Fact Sheet

Rulemaking petition to OSHA and the USDA on work speed in meatpacking and poultry plants - Nebraska Appleseed, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and 13 other civil rights groups

Safe Food, Safe Workplaces - A presentation from Appleseed, Southern Poverty Law Center, and National Council of La Raza on the dangers posed to food and workers' safety by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's proposed new poultry rule.

Regulate meatpacking line speeds - Lincoln Journal-Star Editorial 09/11/2013

“The Speed Kills You”: The Voice of Nebraska’s Meatpacking Workers - Nebraska Appleseed

Letter to U.S. Agriculture Secretary Vilsack calling for worker safeguards

Always Working Beyond the Capacity of Our Bodies - Midwest Coalition for Human Rights: Report | Fact Sheet

Public Comments on the USDA’s proposed new poultry rule - Nebraska Appleseed

Playing Chicken on Food Safety - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Cruelest Cuts: The human cost of bringing poultry to your table - Charlotte Observer

Blood, Sweat, and Fear: Workers’ Rights in U.S. Meat and Poultry Plants - Human Rights Watch

Dignity on the Line - Nebraska Appleseed

State and Local Policy

Fremont's First Costs - Statement of One Fremont One Future before Nebraska Advisory Committee to U.S. Commission on Civil Rights - Kristin Ostrom, Bertha Valenzuela, Leslie Velez

Jenner & Block and Latino Justice Eighth Circuit Amicus Brief

The Costs and Risks of an Arizona-Style Law in Nebraska, Fact Sheet - Nebraska Appleseed

Investing in the Human Capital of Immigrants, Strengthening Regional Economies - Brookings Institution

Voices from Fremont (art exhibit)

Stop the Conference: The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Conference Cancellations Due to Arizona’s S.B. 1070 - Center for American Progress

Unconstitutional and Costly: The High Price of Local Immigration Enforcement - Center for American Progress

Fremont Amicus Brief

The Nativist Lobby: Three Faces of Intolerance - Southern Poverty Law Center

When Mr. Kobach Comes to Town: Nativist Laws and the Communities They Damage - Southern Poverty Law Center

The Economic Impact of Latin American and Other Immigrants: Iowa, Nebraska and the Omaha - Council Bluffs Metropolitan Area - University of Nebraska - Omaha

Prenatal Care Fact Sheets

Voter Suppression / Voter ID Fact Sheets

In-state tuition brochure: English | Español

Forcing Our Blues into Gray Areas: Local Police and Federal Immigration Reform - Nebraska Appleseed: Report | Press Release

Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights Brochure: English | Español

Equal Opportunity & Racial Justice

Racial Profiing, the War on Drugs Fact Sheet and Mass Incarceration - Rights Working Group

Criminalizing People of Color: A Historical Legacy - Rights Working Group

End Racial Profiling Act Tool Kit - Rights Working Group

Racial Profiling Act Issue Brief - Rights Working Group

Appeals Court Rules Michigan's Ban on Affirmative Action Unconstitutional - Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

Restoring a National Consensus: The Need to End Racial Profiling in America - Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

Incarcerated Women Issue Brief - Sentencing Project

Parents in Prison - Sentencing Project

Ex-Felon Voting Rights Brochure - Nebraska Appleseed: English | Español

Immigrants & Public Assistance

Emergency Medicaid Fact Sheet

"Lawfully Residing" Children & Pregnant Women Eligible for Medicaid & CHIP

LB 465 & Lawful Permanent Residents - Medicaid, SNAP (formerly food stamps), Aid to Dependent Children, and Aid to the Aged, Blind, and Disabled

Medicaid Coverage for Labor and Delivery for Immigrant Women

Medicaid Coverage of Prenatal Care for Unborn Children, Regardless of the Mother’s Immigration Status Q&A: English | Español

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