Appleseed joins dozens of testifiers opposing regressive tax plan

Yesterday, Appleseed joined dozens of testifiers from around the state – farmers and business leaders, college students and faith groups, health care administrators and advocates – in opposing the regressive tax plan laid out in LB 405.

In a hearing that went for nine-and-a-half hours, Nebraskans from all over the state waited well into the night to tell the Revenue Committee LB 405 would have damaging effects to the high quality of life Nebraskans work so hard for.

Watch Appleseed staff attorney James Goddard testify against LB 405:

Read James Goddard’s full testimony opposing LB 405

In addition, Appleseed Executive Director Rebecca Gould released this statement detailing why LB 405 would harm many of the pillars that make Nebraska a great place to live.

The regressive tax plan in LB 405 would continue to shift taxes to lower and middle income families by eliminating the personal and corporate income tax and replacing the revenue with higher sales taxes.

Renee Fry, Executive Director of OpenSky Policy Institute, testified such a drastic switch could damage our state’s economy and would not lead to economic or population growth for Nebraska.

Watch OpenSky Executive Director Renee Fry testify against LB 405:

We encourage you to add your voice to the many Nebraskans who already have spoken out against a damaging tax plan that hurts our business and risks “The Good Life” we all take pride in.

Call or write your state senator and tell them LB 405 is not a plan for Nebraska.
Click here to find your state senator

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